My practice accumulates and dissipates around my attention to the lives of glaciers, changing landscapes, and notions of self. The drawings, paintings, videos, installations and multi-media works put into motion several ways of relating to the physical and conceptual aspects of landscape, and considers the senses as pathways of extraction and absorption.

Speculating that the human organism is geologic, and the senses a form of extraction – the question remains, if the sensorial subject is an instance of the land, then where is the individual? Where and when does vision, and the rest of the senses, slip into the geologic?



Jonathan Marquis wanders in the psychic geography of the American West, particularly in glaciated mountain ranges, repeatedly seeking encounters with remote bodies of ice and snow. Traversing his way across the divide of nature and culture in the age of the Anthropocene, his works take different routes, and utilize a variety of processes to consider how glaciers, and the landscape more broadly, makes its way to the body and into the imagination.

His investigations began as an endeavor to draw each glacier in the state of Montana. He has since covered over a thousand miles on foot visiting glaciers in Montana and Alaska. He is a three-time recipient of the Medici Scholars Award, and in 2016, was awarded a Graduate Fellowship from University of Arizona’s Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry.